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The fall beers are here!

It's that time of year again, where you see dark beers take over the shelves and pumpkin spice makes its grand return. Lucky for you, we have a bit of everything being released or showcased this fall season. During the month of October we are shining a light on all the dark beers that make our world go round, some of these beers have been on our beer list since 1996, others are brand new releases you're going to want to make sure you get your hands on before they're gone!



Ultradestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout

Rail Ale Nut Brown

An original brew since 1996, this smooth, full-bodied nut brown ale with hints of chocolate and liquorice, coming in at a sessionable 5.0%. Railcar No. 2 came up to Squamish in 1914, it was the first train to travel the Sea to Sky route. That same railcar is on the label as a tribute to the strong CP Rail history tied into Squamish.

Pothole Filler Imperial Stout

First brewed in 2009, flavours of roasted coffee and dark chocolate make this 9.0% imperial stout a decadent treat.

Pothole Filler got its name when the expansion of the Sea to Sky highway got its upgrade. Going from the pothole filled road to a (mostly) breezy 45min drive from the city to access the great Sea to Sky corridor.

Ultradestroyer Imperial Liquorice Stout

Originally brewed in very limited quantity in recognition of the Alibi Room's 200th beer list. This beer, as the name suggests, is not for the faint-hearted. 10.0% and is brewed with seven different barley malts, molasses, hops, water, yeast, licorice root and star anise. It has an intense depth of roast earthy flavor, with a pleasant licorice aroma.

Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout

A traditional oatmeal stout—dark, rich and roasty with a silky smooth finish. 4.5% and an original 1996 Howe Sound recipe. Try it on the Nitro tap at the brewpub!

Diamond Head is nestled in Garibaldi Provincial Park, we’ve named quite a few beers after the iconic mountain ranges and parks in our beautiful backyard here in Squamish.

Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Peter, Peter, Pumpkineater! Howe Sound Brewing was one of the first breweries in Western Canada to come out with a pumpkin beer, and we made it at 8.0%! In the early 2000’s it was outside of the box to brew with more than 4 ingredients. You could say we paved the way for the pumpkin spice craze.




We love barrel-aged beer; we love the complexity you can get from balancing the flavours of the previous contents, the oak and of course, the beer.

Each Friday in October there will be a limited quantity of each of these delicious barrel aged stouts released, get them while you can!

Hollow Leg - 6.0% (Released: Oct 7)

Hollow Leg releases aromas of dark chocolate, oatmeal, rye bread, and a complex assortment of dried fruits and nuts. The creamy oats and spicy rye make for a deliciously complex but approachable Barrel-Aged Stout.

Storm Watching - 10.4% (Released: Oct 14)

Storm Watching is crafted from our favourite bourbon barrels. It rolls in with a sweet aroma of dark chocolate, honey, biscuit, and oak, but with additional complexities of almond milk, blueberry, and nutmeg. *BRONZE WINNER AT THE 2022 CANADIAN BREWING AWARDS*

Powder Keg - 10.6% (Released: Oct 21)

Powder Keg has a deliciously decadent aroma. The coffee explodes from the glass with the bourbon resting just beneath. When it hits the palate you are awash with tiramisu, rich dark chocolate, and a hint of black cherry.

Phantom Ship - 10.8% (Released: Oct 28)

Phantom Ship sails onto your palate with the bourbon at the forefront. The vanilla beans follow, smoothing out the bold bourbon notes and creating a silky smooth, lingering finish. Additional flavours of cookie dough, sea salt, and raisin round out this complex barrel-aged stout.



Sea Salt Porter 6.5%

A Robust Porter with a dusting of sea salt to enhance and enrich the malt depth.

Inspiration from Ontario Porters meets the West Coast sea. The Sea Salt rounds and emphasis the bold and rich chocolaty malt profile.

Cherry Porter 6.5%

A Robust Porter with a healthy dose of Cherry Puree to layer bight fruit notes in with all of those delicious chocolaty malt flavours.

Sweet cherries help round out the natural malt flavours in this Robust Porter, emphazing the sweet and rich chocolate undertones.

Habanero Fudge Porter 6.5%

A Robust Porter with cocoa and habanero peppers to enhance the natural chocolate notes, and offset it with a lingering spiciness

Were habanero’s on your shopping last October and you couldn’t find any? Sorry, that was us. We added 1.8kg of peppers and real cocoa nibs from Ghana to create this savoury, spicy, robust porter.

These are all limited edition! Ask for them at your favourite local liquor store or order and have it delivered straight to you at


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