• Howe Sound Brewing

One year in UTOPIA, Howe Sound Brewing's Sour Series

This August marked the one year anniversary since the first release from our Utopia Sour Series, so we thought it would be fitting provide a little back story about the series and recap all of the Utopia releases. The Howe Sound Brewing Utopia Series was developed by our brewers so they could have an opportunity to experiment Kettle Sours, and we aren't biased but we think the result has been pretty delicious so far, with some of the best sours in BC!

What is a Kettle Sour?

A Kettle Sour refers to a beer that has been soured in the Kettle, the steel mash tun, rather than in a barrel. To sour the beers our Brewers add a probiotic called Lactobacillus, which converts sugars to lactic acid. After the Lacto has been added, the brew chills for a few days while it sours until desired PH level is achieved. Most of our releases from this series have also included a fruit addition.

What is Utopia?

Utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

The name utopia was inspired by our home, Sea to Sky Country, which we tend to think of being the closest thing to a real Utopia. However we know everyone’s Utopia might be different, so we hope that you can enjoy these beers in your own perfect place.

Where are the places on the labels?

The artwork for this series was designed by the very talented team, Dream State Designs. Each label is imagined places of Utopia and are inspired by the Sea to Sky Country, the seasons and of course the ingredients in the beer.