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Howe Sound Brewing March Madness - Vote to bring back your favourite beer!

Which classic Howe Sound beer would YOU like us to brew again!??

To celebrate our Silver Anniversary we are bringing back one beer from the last 25 years for a limited one-time release, and we want YOU to choose the beer!

We dug deep into our brewery records and selected 16 of our most memorable, most requested beers that are no longer in production for the ultimate beer battle. Now, we need you to decide which beer will make a comeback this year!

Each round these classic beers will go head to head, with the winner advancing to the next round. The final beer, as chosen by you, will be brewed for a one-off 25th Anniversary Special Release.

Round 1 kicks off on Wednesday the 17th of March, make your vote in our Instagram stories.


  • We've sorted each beer into one of four groups; Fruity, Medium & Dark Ale, IPA and Ale & Lager.

  • Each day we will share a new group to our Instagram stories for you to vote for your favourite.

  • The beers with the most votes will advance to the next round.

  • The final round will take place on March 30th, and we will announce the winner on March 31st.

  • The winning beer will be brewed for a one-time release to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.


Follow us @howesoundbrewing to vote!



Guava Donkey Tropical Pale Ale: A fruity aromatic pale ale brewed with natural pink guava puree (2015).

4 Way Fruit Ale: An aromatic ale with a dry fruit finish, brewed with four summer fruits (2013).

Kalamansi Citrus Blonde: A bright, refreshing flavourful blonde ale crafted with natural Kalamansi fruit (2016).

Timberline Pale Ale: A smooth lightly hopped pale ale with a light fruity nose, named in recognition of Squamish's rich forestry history (2010).

Wee Beastie Scotch Ale: A rich, malty "wee heavy" Scotch ale with hints of caramel, smoke and toasted oak. Named in honour of Scottish poet Robbie Burns' famous poem 'To A Mouse (2013).

Bailout Bitter: A hoppy golden ale with recession-fighting properties and brewed with 100% barley, hops, water and yeast. "It is a bitter ale for bitter times" (2008).

3 Beavers Red Ale: A strong malty, red ale with an aromatic Cascade hop nose, released around the time of the Vancouver Olympics (2010).

MettleMan Copper Ale: A delicious, malty copper ale. Named for the BC Test of Metal Mountain Bike Race (2011).

Total Eclipse of the Hops: A high gravity India Pale Ale, produced as a part of the John Mitchell Series (2010).

Log Driver RYE IPA: American style rye IPA brewed with Juniper berries, bright citrus and mango aroma, and a refreshing piney flavour (2015).

Cloudburst Lemongrass White IPA: A refreshing unfiltered IPA with a bold citrus aroma and crisp light body. Named for Mt. Cloudburst, a peak at the end of the Squamish Valley-Chaekamus divide (2014).

Equinox Oak Aged IPA: A balance of bright hop notes, deep oak and malty richness to provide a pleasant and intriguing beer (2016).

Belgian Summer Ale: This thirst-quenching blond ale brewed with Belgian yeast and traditional Pilsner malt, has delicate notes of ripe pear, melon, and banana (2016).

Kölsch: A light bodied German-style lagered ale that is crisp and refreshing with a delicate citrus note making this beer a wonderful summer thirst quencher (2016).

High-tide Hemp Ale: A malty, amber ale brewed with hemp, and Nugget and Fuggles hops (2011).

Anvil Island Dark Lager: This lightly hopped, medium-bodied dark lager is a rich and flavourful beer that delivers a creamy head. Named after a uniquely shaped island found in Howe Sound.

As you can understand brewery processes, techniques and ingredients have advanced greatly over the last 25 years, as a result, please expect that the winning beer may differ from the original style so that we can maintain our quality.

Follow us @howesoundbrewing to vote!


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