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A Barrel-ful December: Howe Sound Brewing's Quad Barrel Aged Releases

As the winter chill settles in, Howe Sound Brewing is warming things up with a quad release of limited barrel aged beers, each a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of brewing, aging and blending. King Tide, Hanging Gardens, Port of Shadows, and Hibernal are releases you can only get for a limited time only!

KING TIDE - December 1 Release

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine | 12.4% ABV | 2023 🌊

A match made in heaven named after in a disaster forged in hell: King Tide is our most complex beer to date. Our 2021 Barley Wine has been aged in Caribbean Rum Barrels for 10 months as well as 6 months in Tawny Port and Bourbon Barrels. It was then blended with additional Barley Wine, and Abbey Quad to become King Tide. They say less is more, but in this case more is definitely more.

King Tide floods the palate with flavours of hazelnut, almond, cacao, mandarin orange, burnt molasses, and a suggestion of baking spice. The barrels come to the forefront, but they rest neatly atop complimentary flavours from the Abbey Quad and Barley Wine. All of the components have their moment to shine as the blend shifts and evolves on the palate.

HANGING GARDENS - December 2 Release

Barrel-Aged Stout | 11.4% ABV | 2023 🌿

The base of this beer is a blend of our Award Winning Imperial Stout and Barley Wine aged for 16 months in Cognac and Bourbon Barrels. It was then blended with an Abbey Quad aged in Tawny Port Barrels, and further Barley Wine to become Hanging Gardens.

Hanging Gardens opens with aromas of baker's chocolate, demerara sugar, and molasses. Dark berries hit the palate shortly after, with some mild tannins and flavours of fig, almond, and oak.

PORT OF SHADOWS - December 8 Release

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine | 11.0% ABV | 2023 🍷

The base of this blend is our Award Winning Barley Wine – Woolly Bugger – aged in Tawny Port and Bourbon Barrels. It was then blended with fresh Abbey Quad to become Port of Shadows.

Port of Shadows docks Tawny Port, Barley Wine, and Abbey Quad side by side: each emerging distinct within the blend, but also presenting a remarkable synergy. Expect flavours of baked cherries, figs, dates, treacle, sultana raisin, and a hint of mandarin orange in this deceptively drinkable blend.

HIBERNAL - December 9 Release

Barrel-Aged Abbey Quad | 11.1% ABV | 2023 🍊

The base of this beer is our Award Winning Abbey Quad aged in Vino de Naranja and Bourbon Barrels. It was then blended with Wheat Wine, Barley Wine, and further Abbey Quad aged in Tawny Port Barrels to become Hibernal.

Vino de Naranja is a Spanish White Wine made with orange peel, and it lends a unique and distinctive flavour to our blend. We get vibrant citrus layered with spicy notes of cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg in the aroma. The flavour evokes baked pear, toffee, blood orange, raisin, plum, and dates, from this complex barrel blend.

Available to buy at:

📍 Howe Sound Brewing - 37801 Celeveland Ave, Squamish

🆕 Viti Liquor Store on Broadway

📧 Want to carry them in your liquor store? Email

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