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John Mitchell - Celebration of life. July 14th 2019

On Sunday June 16th 2019, Alexander John Mitchell passed away at age 89. John was a dear friend of Howe Sound Brewing and a craft beer pioneer. He played an integral role in not only setting up Howe Sound Brewing in 1996, but in developing the Craft Beer Industry across BC and Canada, which is why we call him the Grandfather of Microbrewing.

A celebration of John Mitchell’s life is being held this Sunday, July 14th 2019, at Red Racer Taphouse to commemorate the special role he played in developing BC craft beer community and celebrate his life.

Friends of John Mitchell have created the event saying “it will be a tribute and toast to John with some interesting and historic materials on display. It will also be a fundraiser for a cause close to his heart: the John Mitchell Scholarship, benefitting the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations school in Langley.”

The tap list is made up from casks and kegs which have been donated by BC Breweries with John in mind, who grew up in the UK and is renowned for having his beer served at room temperature.

1. Spinnakers Brewpub: John Mitchell's Extra Special Bitter [CASK]  2. Howe Sound Brewing: John Mitchell's Troller Bay Ale 3. Central City Brewers + Distillers: Extra Special Bitter [CASK] 4. Trading Post Brewing: London Porter 5. Callister Brewing Company: Extra Special Bitter [CASK] 6. Five Roads Brewing Co.: Extra Special Bitter 7. KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations: Oatmeal Stout [CASK] 8. Strange Fellows Brewing: Smoked Sour Wheat Ale 9. Bomber Brewing: Raspberry Passion Ale

Beers will be sold for $5.00 with all proceeds going directly to the Scholarship.



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