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Are there brewery tours and is there a charge for that?

Brewery Tours are available daily at 1pm only at no charge. Larger groups should call ahead as space is limited: 604 892 2603


Where can I get my hands on your beer in my area?

Check out our ‘find beer’ section and if you still can’t find it then contact our BC Sales Director, Nathan Rayment. You can find his information along with the rest of our sales team under the 'Our Team' section. 

Why are your beers in big bottles?
This re-closable bottle, known as a “pot-stopper”, was widely used in Europe and North America prior to the 1950s.  Our new combination cap is an innovative design that allows closure by both crown and swing caps.  It can be re-used and meets our green packaging objectives.

What is wort?
It’s the mixture left over after you boil the ingredients. Essentially it’s beer before it becomes beer.

What is an IBU?
International Bitterness Unit. It is a number that denotes the bitterness of the beer. The higher the IBU the more bitter the beer. IBU = Ounces of Hops x AA% x Utilization% / Gallons x 1.34

What does plato degrees mean?
A method or different scale for measuring sugar in wort. It is an updated rendition of the Balling scale.