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We create our award winning ales using a traditional hand crafted method in one of the most beautiful areas of British Columbia. We are settled amidst the coastal rainforest, ocean and mountains with its rugged terrain. 

Leslie Fenn, one of the co-owners of Howe Sound Brewing, believes that this picturesque setting has provided the perfect stage on which to create a unique local product and to develop new ales using local ingredients. Through the creation of a "market theme" or taking new and innovative ales to market with the changing seasons, we create unique ales and generate artisan interest in our product.  

In keeping with the rugged backdrop of Howe Sound, our brewery adopts environmental stewardship in many aspects of our business. By reusing spent grain, yeast, water, bottles, caps and innovatively creating secondary products, we strive to have a zero effect on the environment.  Our creative innovation is the key to our environmental philosophy and model of sustainability.

We use leadership that promotes environmental creation and we are committed to listening to ideas within the workplace that encourage and support sustainable and environmental change.

We motivate and encourage our employees to come up with new ideas to become a part of the sustainable solution.  Our excess spent grain goes to local farms for feed and composting. We continuously review our operations to improve environmental aspects of our business and take appropriate measures to create positive changes to our business and the environment.


Ales for Change

Our "ales for change" program is a philanthropic program associated with Howe Sound Brewing. We are passionate about "giving back" to projects we believe in. As a brewing business we believe that real change happens when innovation and thought create a helping hand to special and unique environmental projects, humanitarian projects or local events.   

We have created specific ales for benefits, environmental groups and active organizations that we truly believe in. The ales have been a great adjunct to creating a new and innovative approach to local grassroots change through sponsorship or creating ales for a specific purpose.

Past projects have included local industry support, climbing and mountain biking events, film festivals, orphanage projects, wild walking trails and natural area preservation. We feel blessed that our fellow businesses partner with us and become a part of the solution to change our ecosystem.