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‘Super Jupiter’ beer named for planet

We're brewing the beer you wish to see in the Universe! Our Howe Sound brewers have brought you yet another refreshing aromatic IPA brewed with real grapefruits and dried grapefruit peel. Brewed with Canadian pale, dark crystal and carastan malts, and four varieties of bittering and aroma hops. This dry hopped beer offers wonderful citrus and tropical aromas, with grapefruit at the apogee. Named for the newly discovered Super Jupiter planet, which was identified by a team of Canadian astrophysicists in late 2012.


Another fun fact about this beer is the label designer, Stan Matwychuk - one of Howe Sounds very own team members! This talented young graphic designer is one of bar staff & a beer rep through the Sea to Sky region. We're all excited to see his work on the label, good work Bro!


Check out this recent article featuring our Super Jupiter:

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  • MCM Handbags For example 20 Apr

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  • MCM Backpacks too. That’s a lot of money 20 Apr

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  • A DfE source said 21 Apr

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  • In the Middle Ages. 22 Apr

  • da una sosta dolce e appetitosa non si può 22 Apr

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  • Dr Martens boots en la Cámara de Representantes 22 Apr

  • 686 % contre 3 22 Apr

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  • la Terra dei Fuochi finalmente è 22 Apr

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  • Paradoxalement 22 Apr

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